Get Body Confident for Christmas


Good morning beautifuls- yes, I’m talking to you.

If you’re struggling with your body confidence, wrestling with weight loss and desperate for a solution then YOU WANT TO READ THIS!


In a little over 6 weeks, it will be Christmas day. Let’s let that sink in for a minute….

How amazing would it be if you could start this festive season feeling confident in your own skin, wearing that party dress with a smile and able to enjoy a festive tipple or two without the searing guilt you’re used to?

Are you ready to reclaim your body confidence?

Here at Limitless I’m all about sustainable life changes and steady progress meaning results which stick around.  This isn’t a transformation programme – I don’t like them having done a GAZILLION of them myself and never got the lasting results I wanted.

But this IS a great way to get yourself motivated, kick start your fitness and get feeling great for the festive season in a fun and affordable way!  What will you get:

  1. The tools and information to take hold of that diet and transform the way you eat, keeping restriction to a minimum, eating foods you enjoy, the odd alcoholic tipple if that’s your thing, and NOT be HUNGRY and start seeing that body confidence emerge!
  2. Daily motivation and tips on how to keep focused on your journey – lots of different subjects in here like emotional eating, binging, intermittent fasting – the list goes on
  3. Ideas for getting active and staying active, be that in the gym or simply the great outdoors!
  4. Workouts to complete if that’s your thing – home based and some for the gym for those of us who have a gym membership but need to dust it off (we have ALL been there!)
  5. Regular Q&A sessions with me as your coach for those questions you’ve always wanted to ask but never felt confident enough to do so!
  6. Healthy eating: what is it!  How do I do it?  Packed full of useful hints, tips and ideas for improving your weekly meal portfolio, snacks and sweet treats!
  7. How to form life long healthy habits – and how we make them work for us during the festive season.
  8. Managing your stress – how we do it, and how we make it stick!  It’s a tough time of year for lots of folk, me included!  This group will help us understand our stress and become more resilient in the face of it!
  9. Sleep and how to get it!  You know what I’m talking about…  It’s one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle and one we find SO difficult.
  10. The satisfaction that you’re doing something JUST FOR YOU!!!

Let’s get started and enter that Festive season feeling FABULOUS!!

Complete the form below and I’ll be in touch with how we get started!