There has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW. The world may be wonky, but it has offered us an opportunity.

Whether or not you’ve taken advantage of that time – you can NOW.

Stuck in a cycle of yo yo dieting – getting the results, but not keeping them for the long term. Rejoining Slimming World for the umpteenth time, swearing this time you’ll crack it! Wanting to change your lifestyle for more healthy choices but no idea where to start. Wishing you could hire a personal trainer and nutritionist to show you how it’s done. Working hard in the gym and just not getting the results. Trying to start a new fitness programme, but running out of steam a month in. Joining weight watchers, but stop going to meetings after 3 weeks. Trying a new diet, but giving up after a week.

If any of those are you, then THIS is the programme for YOU! I’ve used the last 2 months as an golden opportunity – one I know I’ll never get again and one I’ve DREAMED of having. I’ve built a programme which harnesses years and years of experience, learning, knowledge and work and delivers a simple and elegant 30 day experience which – if you engage and do the work – will change your LIFE.

The programme includes a nutrition reset. This is designed to reestablish a healthy relationship with food. Teach us how to eat for certain goals, like weight loss. But most importantly – educate us on how to live a life free of restriction and guilt.

We will also look at movement and how our bodies respond to a new stimulus. If we are to be truly happy in the skin we are in, then we need to find the way which works for us. It cannot be denied that physical activity and good health are inextricably linked. However, it isn’t a one shape fits all. We we learn to love the movement our body responds best to. Be that the LIVE workouts, guided yoga or pilates, the movement challenges measured in steps not sweat or the many other methods we will explore together. There is ALWAYS a way.

I am also a big advocate of happiness being an inside job – about more than how we look. Lots of ‘fitness’ folk on social media focus so much on the aesthetic – how good your ass looks in a pair of leggings. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that – I’m saying that you deserve more. You deserve to FEEL good naked. My programme will help you develop the confidence to be the most authentic version of you.

There is so much to LOVE about this 30 day programme. Now it’s time for you to make your decision. Are you in? There is over £1500 of material inside, 1000’s of hours of coaching experience and access to me as your personal coach. You haven’t been able to work with me for 2 years – that’s my current waiting lists for 121 coaching. Now, that’s all about to change.

For £45, which is less than a one hour coaching session with me, you get access to all of this and SO MUCH MORE.

The programme starts 1 June 2020. Are you ready to change your life? If you are, hit the button below to secure your space!

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