Limitless is headed up by coach, Kerrie Knight. As an advanced personal trainer and sports therapist, Kerrie is passionate about health and wellbeing and changed career to pursue her dream of helping others engage in positive change.

Previously a Management Development Specialist, Kerrie brings her extensive knowledge of people development and coaching to the fitness world and works holisitcally with her client group to address all areas of their fitness goals, coaching them continuously in support of their journey.

Now in her 40s, Kerrie has gone through her own journey, firstly weight loss, latterly injury and setback, and so understands completely how difficult and intimidating those first steps can be. Her journey isn't over yet! She draws on her life experience and own journey to motivate and inspire those she works with. A relentless passion for positive change and unfailingly optimistic - she is quite something to be around. She refers to her team of clients as her "warriors' - unstoppable in the pursuit of their goals.

Want to be one of Kerrie's warriors? Then please don't hesistate to get in touch for a free initial consultation, with no obligation. Get feel for the buzz over here at Team Limitless. We are sure you'll want to get involved!

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