I know, I know - the C word! But it's the MOST wonderful time of the year. Isn't it?

I know there are those amongst you who dread the sociable season. The idea of choosing what to wear a which event without feeling completely uncomfortable! Can I just wear my PJs???? I hear ya. We have ALL been there. I have been there.

That's WHY this is so important to me. I know the plight of trying every diet under the sun to get those few pounds off before Christmas, being hungry, like REALLY hungry. Eating grapefruit for a month. Downing rancid shakes in an attempt to 'get the weight off'. The futility of drinking a little bit too much simply because it applies a nice warm fuzz. Trying on outfit after outfit just to enter that helter skelter of shame, frustration and ultimately - feeling bloody dreadful about yourself and giving up. Cancelling the plans because it's JUST TOO MUCH. Yep. I really hear ya.

That's why this year I want it to be different. I want to help you feel a little bit more confident by the time Santa rolls in to town. I want you to be choosing your outfit with a smile on your face, secure in the sense that it WILL FIT! I want you to GO to the party, and choose the food you want to eat because you CAN! You have the knowledge to nourish your body.

But, I need something from you. It's a little over a month until the big day - not long, but LONG ENOUGH. I need you to choose YOU - to work hard for YOU for the next 30 days. To prioritise YOU for the next month. I need you to invest in you - just £10 - less than 2 bottles of wine. How about it, beautiful? Can we do this? Together?

Are you ready to make some changes in the countdown to Christmas?

So I hear ya, shouting 'I'm in!! But what will I get' Okayyyy. Here you go - sign up using your email address and you will be invited to join the private Facebook group; Countdown for Christmas. Once you've paid your £10 membership, you'll be IN!

This group will be designed to keep you accountable, and to get in your FACE! Haha. Kidding - but I'm going to be in there each and every day giving knowledge, confidence, tools and information to take hold of that diet and transform the way you eat. No more restriction, eating foods you enjoy, the odd alcoholic tipple if that's your thing, and NOT be HUNGRY and start seeing that confidence emerge!

I'll also be asking you to MOVE! That might be with simple step challenges, or it might be workouts you can do ANYWHERE, you're free to make your choice! It might be a specific challenge like a timed wall sit, plank - anything which makes you MOVE MORE will be IN THERE!

What else? Daily motivation and tips on how to keep focused on your journey - lots of different subjects in here like emotional eating, coping with stress, juggling priorities, no time for exercise, mental wellness, intermittent fasting, meditation, managing anxiety - the list goes on and on and on!

We'll also have ideas for getting active and staying active, and solutions which don't involved working out if that's not for you. Quick ideas you can include in your day which WON'T add to your stress.

Because it's the thing I'm asked to do the MOST, there will also be regular Q and A sessions with me as your coach. A chance to get to know me and for those questions you've always wanted to ask but never felt confident enough to do so!

Of course, a big focus will be healthy eating: what is it!  How do I do it?  Packed full of useful hints, tips and ideas for improving your weekly meal portfolio, snacks and sweet treats! Breaking down the myth that a healthy lifestyle is an expensive and time consuming lifestyle!

How to form life long healthy habits - and how we make them work for us during the festive season.

Managing your stress - how we do it, and how we make it stick!  It's a tough time of year for lots of folk, me included!  This group will help us understand our stress and become more resilient in the face of it!

Sleep - good, restorative sleep and how to get it!  You know what I'm talking about...  It's one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle and one we find SO difficult.

The satisfaction that you're doing something JUST FOR YOU!!! Yes, say that again! This is about YOU putting YOU first! When was the last time you did that my love?

Phew... That's a lorra lorra stuff to pack in and all for just £10 for the whole thing! Isn't that wonderful?? So how about it? Shall we do it? Shall we start our Christmas Countdown?

Drop your email in the link above or below and I'll be in touch with how we get started! I got you gorgeous.

Alone we are strong. Together, we are stronger!

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