How many days have you started with an anxious mind?  Already running through the issues which gnaw at you, frantic, twitchy - that knot is pulling at your tummy.  We imagine what COULD happen:

I won't make it to the meeting on time
The car's not going to start
I'm going to run out of time for EVERYTHING today
They're gong to be so grumpy at me for saying no
Sound familiar?  Now, let me ask you this.  How often do those worries become a REALITY?

That's the thing, you see.  We spend so much time creating issues in our head, we often miss the fact that they ARE NOT REAL.  And yet, we have worried regardless - stress coursing through our bodies and presenting as snappy and irritable.  It feels bad doesn't it.  Yep, me too - we have all been there.  In fact, I used to worry if I wasn't worrying.  Straight up.  Madness isn't it.  And yet, we all do it.  Too much.  So, let me give you the tools to stop it!  Turn all that energy into something GOOD!

It's really quite simple.  Here's the thing.  When you pick up the phone, dial your girlfriend and she picks up, do you question HOW?  No.  You just trust that it works.  When you turn the key in the ignition of your car and it starts do you question HOW?  No.  You just trust that it does.  You can't explain it, but that's OK - you trust the process.  You can't define it, articulate how, but you know it's happening.  And it does HAPPEN.

Every single day we are putting that trust into things we can't see nor explain.  That's pretty incredible - we have a lot of faith in things we can't explain nor understand.  It's actually a pretty amazing skill and helpful in life.  It assists in coasting through life, being productive, keeping calm and taking stuff on the chin.

If we channel this effectively, it can be a pretty spectacular force for good!

Think about it! That endless feeling of worry about something in the future which may or may not happen means asking ourselves to trust in something unseen. BUT, and it's a BIG ASS BUTT, this results in making us incredibly anxious. Existing in a state of perpetual anxiety. It's awful. If feels rotten.

Whether we are anxious or whether we are relaxed, sometimes this comes down to the ability to believe is something we can't see, we can't control, we can't explain. It comes down to how we frame this - the call gets connected, the car starts versus - no presents were bought, I didn't get the job. Either way, it's asking you to believe in something you can't see.

You can make a choice! You can CHOOSE to believe in a GOOD and POSITIVE outcome. Or, you can CHOOSE to believe in a negative outcome which spikes anxiety and frankly, feels pants. It is a choice. It is NOT a certainty.

The decision to frame this in a positive way comes down to whether we believe we can do it. Whether we believe we are BIG enough, BOLD enough, BRAVE enough to handle WHATEVER the outcome of our decision.

And guess what? YOU ARE. You ARE BRAVE. You ARE STRONG. You are BOLD.

Worry is a fear of the unknown! It robs us of joy and energy and believe it or not - it makes us less resilient in the face of what comes up. If we choose to believe in anything, let's believe in the good.

Have an awesome day, beautifuls

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