Ever heard people say that getting stronger, fitter and leaner is 80% about diet? Well, it's true. If you fuel your body correctly and consistently as well as get active - you will achieve those goals.

So - why isn't it happening? In our humble opinion here at Limitless, people get over excited about nutrition. They make it so complicated when it really doesn't have to be. Talking about smashing their macros, eating 25 million times a day, living on chicken and broccoli, smashing a protein shake! Or the other extreme - living on shakes, juices and extreme calorie deficit! Sound familiar?

Our ethos is to work with you to understand your current eating habits, which for most people are what we're taught to eat from youth. Cereal or toast for breakfast, sandwich, crisps and a fizzy drink for lunch and pasta or something equally convenient for dinner. Right? In essence, this isn't a bad way to eat but it won't support fat loss goals nor the leaner, fitter, stronger model we preach here at Team Limitless. What we won't do it ask you to start eating liver for breakfast! We'll design a nutrition programme for you which will be tailored to the fitness goal we are working towards.  The detail in your nutrition element can be as prescriptive or  not as you wish- it's all about making something work for you.

You don't have to be a personal training client to take advantage of our nutrition advice. We can do this independently and even better - ONLINE! Want to know more? Get in touch....