The 'Limitless Lifestyle' 

Tailored, individualised and personal coaching - just for you from me

What is it?

For those of you who know me, or follow my social media you know that I'm not a fan of any kind of 'quick fix'.  There seems to be a programme for just about everything things days…. 'Grow a peach of a booty in 12 weeks' or 'Lose 5 stone in 8 weeks' (Ok, I may be exaggerating that one a teeny bit) or 'Get a ripped 8 pack in 4 weeks'.  I mean, really.  I've done so many of them, I can speak with a voice of experience here.

I should just say that for some these plans are just fine.  Some might just need a little structure and a sense of community and get precisely what they need.  They've spent their money and got their results.  In my experience, however, these plans do not work for the longer term and I found I was spending more of my hard earned money on signing up again once I'd started putting the weight on.

This is different.  Limitless Lifestyle is all about equipping you with the knowledge, skills, capability and BELIEF you need for life long, sustainable change.

So what's different about Limitless Lifestyle?  Well, exactly what it says - the goal of each plan is to get you the lifestyle you WANT.  It's about helping you improve your relationship with exercise, developing a healthy attitude to getting your body moving.  We do this through a huge range of options including setting small, sustainable and most of all achievable goals.  They are personal to you, what you need.

We help you make little but cummulative lifestyle changes which, with time, will become LIFELONG changes.  The goal is to develop a lifestyle where you enjoy your time moving, whatever that looks like for you!  Not everyone needs nor wants a gym membership!  To ensure you are looking after yourself and your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and having a good, happy and balanced life.

The priority with this programme to to achieve all of this without placing you under unnecessary pressure and more about enjoying the ride!

What can I expect from Limitless Lifestyle?

This programme is all about you.  You choose how much you want.

When you join the team you will get:

Initial consultation and lifestyle call: this is for us to get to know each other.  What you like, dislike, enjoy, current fitness levels, activity and dietary habits.   For you to ask me as many questions as you want to be clear about what you're joining. It is NOT about any form of judgment.  You won't find that ANYWHERE in Team Limitless.

Bespoke movement plans tailored to you and your individual goals: this could be about losing weight, gaining strength, building muscle, or general fitness.  It could even be just about having someone else do the planning for you.  Whatever individual means for you, is what you get.  Depending on the package you go for, the plans will be reviewed at regular intervals to keep you progressing.

Complete freedom over where and when you exercise and train: all plans are written to work around your lifestyle, be that training in a gym, at home or in the back garden.  We will make it work for you, in your time and fit to your schedule.  You decide which days you train, we give you the plan to follow.

Nutrition and healthy eating advice: all about improving your relationship with food and understanding what to eat, and when.  We will NOT be cutting any food groups out, like carbs….  Protein, fats and carbohydrates all have a place in a healthy, well balanced diet.  I will build your knowledge around how to best fuel your body.

Unlimited access to me as your coach: we all have days when it feels like it's all uphill or out of our reach.  As your coach, you're accountable to me and I'm accountable to you.  I'm there to guide you through the tough days and celebrate with you on the better days.  We will have structured regular check ins, but I will be available to you via email and whatsapp at all times.  (I do sleep, not a lot - but hey, girls gotta rest.)

Spaces on this programme are very limited as it's a high quality offering, as close to having me as your face to face coach as I can possibly get! 

If you would like to be part of the team, please get in touch using the contact form below: