I am a huge believer that engaging in positive change is something that should be within everyone's reach.  My clients get results - life long sustainable amazing results - and I would like as many people as possible to know what properly coached, carefully constructed and physically demanding workouts feel like.  But I also know that 121 personal training is not within everyone's financial reach.

It is with this in mind that I trialled various formats over the last few months to find something which would match the standard of my one to one training but for a more affordable price.  After a trialling a few differing models, I'm now successfully running semi private personal training within Team Limitless's portfolio and am now opening up more spaces for new applicants!


Semi private PT essentially gives you 121 personal training but at a fraction of the cost.  This means you get all the benefits of a structured programme and focused coaching but at a price which is more within financial reach for most.  It is not group training.  Although there will be up to 6 people involved, you will all work to your own personalised programme and be coached during each session.  You will likely start with the basics - mobility, form and technique - progressing safely.  And progress you will- whatever your goal, be that weight loss, strength, hypertrophy, fitness - each programme is tailored to you, but in a setting including other like minded folk working hard towards their goals.

It is a fact that individuals working with a coach progress much more rapidly than without.  Don't get me wrong, nothing will every replace one to one personal training but this programme gives it a damn good go!!


You apply for a place on the programme through a very short questionnaire.  The programme isn't for everyone so doing it this way ensures I have the right folk on the right programme thus setting you on the path to success!  I also believe in quality over quantity so spaces are limited per intake.

I take client selection very seriously, so the goal is for you to feel happy that we’ve got your best interests in mind, whether we end up working together or not.

As I've already said, this is not a class.  There will be other people present but you will each have your own programme designed specifically for you.


Once you have secured your space, we have your initial strategy discussion.  This is the start of your journey and we plan for roadblocks, navigate barriers and learn from past experiences.  This is the building block for your programme and where the blueprint of success is written.


You will select the timings of the sessions most suitable for you, agree your financial model - which can be pay as you go, or a monthly standing order - and away we go.  There is no contract or minimum commitment.  Here at Team Limitless, I believe you either want it or you don't.  I can't make you do anything, but I'm pretty certain that once you start - you won't want to stop.


Get in touch now to apply for your place on my new intake.    Prices start from as little as £15 per session.  This is a whopping 70% off a one to one personal training session with Limitless so you will appreciate places will go very quickly and are limited so I recommend you take action, now.