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Change your life not just your shape with
Happy Healthy You

Rediscover yourself!  Love the skin you’re in, re-energise your mind and body.  
Become your happiest, healthiest self with a community dedicated to 
helping you transform your mind and body inside and out!

Who is this for?

Happy Healthy You is a community run by me (Kerrie, hey 👋 more on me below!)

for anyone looking for the most effective and FUN way to get fit, lose some weight, 

build your strength and SMASH your goals!

Set your eyes on your goals and SMASH them!

Whatever that goal may be: blast that body fat, heal your relationship with food, learn to love exercise.  Overhaul yourself AND your health and get finally get into those clothes you’ve pushed to the back of the wardrobe! (You know the ones!) 😍

Learn how small daily habits make HUGE results

It doesn’t need HUGE sacrifice – I’ll show you how small, simple changes to your daily routine can help you see incredible results in just weeks!

Become part of a community of smart, positive women

Together, we support, empower, encourage and inspire!  The Happy Healthy You community WANT to see you succeed and smash your goals! 👊

OCR racing is a secret passion of mine!  Well, not that secret – but I do LOVE IT! 😍

Who am I?

I’m Kerrie!  Mum to my fur baby, Buddy and wife to my amazing husband Jack.

My life is pretty hectic, running a thriving business, but I’ve always made time for the things which make me happy!  Health and fitness was something I really discovered in my late 30s and I have never looked back!  Exercise is my therapy and I just LOVE feeling fit, healthy and happy.

It was after leaving a toxic relationship, shedding over 7 stone in weight that I fell in love with the process and wanted to share that passion with other women.

How can I help you?

I truly believe that women are extremely hard on ourselves, always putting others before our own needs.  I know that when you step into your own power, life changes and I want to share that with as many women as I can!

I also know that we need a little bit of accountability and support and I can promise you BUCKETS of that when you join us. ❤️ 


Discover how Kez transformed her body after making the decision to join!

Being free from guilt
around food, feeling fit, strong
and healthy Happy Healthy You has changed my LIFE


What Do You Get As A Member?

Private Members Facebook Group

Everything in one place – a safe corner of the internet.  Workouts, coaching LIVEs with me, recipes, nutrition and community!

3 LIVE workouts every week!

LIVE with me!  But don’t worry, if the timing doesn’t suit you they’re all available on replay!  In fact, there is a library of over 100 workouts for you to choose from!

Break the Cycle of Serial Dieting FOR GOOD!

I’ll give you everything you need to heal your relationship with food, fuel your body and feel incredible!  Personalised and bespoke nutrition, monthly recipes and support on staying on track.

Daily non-negotiables
to help you
stay on track

A series of small, daily practices to enhance your results and help you build a bulletproof mindset.

Accountability and Support When
You Need It

Together, stronger! 💪 Use the community to keep you inspired and support you on the days you feel you need that little extra help.

Rewarded for your
efforts with an Awesome Prize!

Monthly brand partners from epic companies with brilliant prizes to be won every month!  The best reward is how you feel, but a little something else doesn’t hurt! 👌

And recipes, LOTS AND LOTS of them...

Every month you’ll get access to new and diet friendly recipes – all bar coded for easy tracking through MFP or if that’s not your thing, broken down in to calories per portion.  So you’re NEVER stuck for ideas when it comes to deciding what to eat!

Let’s make it as easy as possible, shall we? 😍

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Happy Healthy You 😍😍😍

Smart women come in all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness!  You don’t need to be fit
to start!  My workouts are designed to cater for ALL abilities – not just that – they are
so varied there’s something for everyone!  HIIT, strength, boxing, pilates, mobility.

We all start somewhere – but we have to start!

How do I Join?

My Happy Healthy You crew is currently underway, 

so you’re too late to join today. 😭

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Become Happy, Healthy YOU!

I’ve learned more from Happy Healthy You in the last month than I have in 10 years of slimming clubs

Happy Healthy You Crew

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions?  Let’s see if I can answer them for you…

Do we have to do the workouts LIVE?

Absolutely not!  That’s the beauty of it – they’re available for you on demand in a Guide called HHY Workouts.  In fact, there are over 70 to choose from, and the library grows each day!

What are the workouts like?

Constantly varied!  The idea in HHY is to find a love of movement that suits you!  We have strength workouts, with weights (or alternatives), HIIT, mobility, pilates, boxing and resistance bands.  Whatever you choose, you WILL get results!

How do I find the workouts?

Easy, they are live streamed into the private Facebook group.  The schedule for the whole month is posted at the beginning of each month so you can plan ahead.

Do I have to do the workouts?

To get results, you have to do the work – same old habits breed the same old results!  BUT, you start where you are comfortable – it isn’t all about workouts in HHY.  We focus on lifestyle change – not just weight loss.

Do I need any equipment?

We do use weights in A LOT of our workouts, why?  Because resistance training is a vital element to overall health.  HOWEVER, it isn’t essential as I provide home appropriate options!  If you wanted to, an affordable option is a set of resistance bands.  You can pick these up for under £10 on Amazon.

What if I’m not fit enough?

Don’t worry!  Every workout is designed so that all levels of fitness are able to take part – beginner or advanced!  I provide modifications and alternatives for every exercise – I got you!  We have all levels of fitness in HHY across lots of different ages – don’t let that be your excuse!

Can everyone see me when I train?

Absolutely not!  It’s a one way stream – you see me but you have complete privacy!  That’s one of the beautiful things about HHY – you can build your confidence AND your fitness without having to leave the house!

What if I don’t want to lose weight?

That’s completely fine too!  HHY isn’t just a weight loss programme. – we change your life not just your shape!  Lots of our members are in here for accountability, community, fitness, relationship with self and so much more!

Take your body and mind to
the next level -
Become Your
Happiest Healthiest Self! 😍

Join the waiting list today to be notified FIRST
when enrolment for Happy Healthy You next opens!